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In The Woods Cat Chalet H  Rates & Requirements  About Us  Contact Us   
Our Rates Are:
For the standard suite:
  • $16 for first cat. $8 for  additional cat 
                (2 cat max per suite)
For the large suite:
  • $24 per day for first cat. $8 per each additional cat (3 cat max per suite)
10% discount if stay is 14 days or more.
20% discount if stay is 30 days or more.

Check in time - 10 am to close. 
             Early check in $6 - 8 am to 10 am

Check out time - 8 am to 2 pm
             Late check out $6 - after 2 pm to 6 pm
                After hours check out $12 (if available)

Medications $1 per medication or vitamin per dose.

De-flea $25, If your cat is an outdoor cat please de-flea prior to boarding.
Ambulatory charge $5 per day (this is if your cat is unable to make it to the litter box or if he or she vomits her food). If your cat pees over the box please let us know so we can put a diaper under the box (otherwise there will be an ambulatory fee).  
We do not administer any shots

Nail clipping $4

peacock feathers 4' - $2
-Your cat(s) must be up to date with their rabies and FVRCP shots. They must also be tested for Leukemia.
-Shot records must be brought in to validate. Along with your vets name and phone #. If you bring a copy of their shot records we will keep them on file.
- Your cat must be in good health. If at anytime your cat's health deteriorates your cat will be brought to a vet and the owner is required to cover the costs.
To reserve a suite you may contact us via phone or email to see if the dates you need are open. You can make your reservation here with the Paypal button and we will confirm your reservation via email. There is a $30 deposit to reserve your dates. Please include the dates that your cat(s) will be staying and your cats name(s). Email us if you will need an early check in.
To reserve your suite: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When your cats arrive your deposit will be applied to the suite. We request a 48 hour notice if you decide to cancel your reservation. Thank you.